Advent Prayer Prompts – 2017 Week 1

Sunday, Dec. 3 – Is. 64:1-9 Is there a place in my life, or in my  prayer where I feel that God is being silent? I will describe that place or that longing and offer myself as wood, waiting to burn or water, waiting to boil. (v.2)

Monday, Dec.4 – Micah 4:1-5 Is my life focused on ascending to the house of the Lord? Today I will write my prayer asking that God will teach me his ways and I will walk in his paths.

Tuesday, Dec. 5 – Psalm 79 Sometimes when I look around at the world, at my community, my friends and family and my own life experience and I see things that are just not fair, I want to help God out, to get him moving faster. Today I will express some of these desires. Then I will sit and listen before I conclude.

Wednesday, Dec.6 – Micah 5: 1-5a As a young citizen of Bethlehem, how might these words have landed on my heart? Today I will listen to Micah’s words as a teenager in Bethlehem and I will write words to describe what I feel.

Thursday, Dec.7 – Psalm 85 As I read this Psalm, I search for words to pray as a breath prayer. Breathing in to a count of 4 and out to a count of 4, I will write a breath prayer to keep always with me.

Example. v7.
• Show us your unfailing love (breathing in)
• And grant us your salvation. (Breathing out)

Friday, Dec.8 – Jeremiah 1:4-10 Lately, I have felt that I am too old to be doing all that I think the Lord expects of me. Today, I will tell the Lord how I feel and ask for clarity and for wisdom, to know which are mine to do and which I have let my false self talk me into.

Saturday, Dec. 9 – Mark 11: 27-33 When I choose to please people over being attentive to the Holy Spirit, I miss out on what the Spirit may be saying. My prayer today will be to ask for the grace of attentiveness, above all, to the Holy Spirit, present in me.