Advent Prayer Prompts – 2017 Week 2

Sunday, Dec. 10 – Isaiah 40:1-11 “The glory of the Lord will be revealed”. There is such a contrast between “glory” and “wilderness” – or is there? My prayer will be about finding glory in the midst of a time of dwelling in wilderness.

Monday, Dec. 11 – Psalm 27 I am drawn to verse 5. It feels so safe to be “hidden in his sanctuary.l” From this place of quiet protection, I can learn how to live and my quiet heart can wait and be brave. My prayer is for grace to see that I am invited to begin living in the house of the Lord, now. Think and pray about that!

Tuesday, Dec.12 – Psalm 27 I am returning to this Psalm. There is too much to find here for one day. As I read, I am drawn to a phrase or an image. I stop there and find my prayer for today.

Wednesday, Dec.13 – Luke 1:5-17 Today, I am paying attention to the sounds of the growing crowd outside the temple, the pungent scent of incense, to the elegance of the priestly robes. Into this, an ordinary day of work for this devout priest, bursts the angel of God, bearing news that will change everything – for the priest and his wife – for the world. And so the story begins to unfold, sending feelers out in all directions. I am part of the ripple effect. I pray that my life , now and what remains for me to live here, will cause this ripple to keep moving. May I be part of that on-going invitation.

Thursday, Dec.14 – Habakkuk2:1-5 What in my life seems slow in coming? I will use this refrain: wait patiently, for it will surely take place.

Friday, Dec.15 – Habakkuk 3:2 this is a prayer sung by the prophet. I will pray verse 2 today and I will try singing it. Alone.

Saturday, Dec.16 – Habakkuk 3:17-19 I am listing the challenges in my life as I see the present and the future, I will write after each one “yet I will rejoice in the Lord!” I will end my prayer with verse 19.