Our next meeting

We will meet next on Monday October 7, 2019 at 7:00PM. The meditation we will consider can be read here.


24 Hour Guided Silent Advent Retreat 2019

Please note that registration is full. If you are interested you can email Gary to be added to a wait list.
Friday Dec 6, 4:00PM to Saturday Dec 7, 4:00PM
Retreat—registration is open. Be aware that space is limited.
Cost: $115 per person, $185 per couple .

There is no special registration form. Payment by etransfer to gary@gdreimer.com or a cheque made out to and delivered to Gary Reimer will serve as your registration.

The same One who brought Jesus from the tomb and called Lazarus to life seeks to bring new hope and life to us even when that seems an impossible feat, even for God.     —Rueben P. Job

God‘s presence is indefinable but unmistakeable.  Today I give thanks for that holy and sustaining Presence within my life and within all creation.  — Norman Shawchuck

We are born and we shall all die. The person who is in communion with God wears mortality comfortably. To be with God is to be at home in this world and in the next.                       — Reuben P. Job

God’s love for us means we need not stay as we are, for the Holy Spirit is with us to help us face ourselves and to go from where we are to where God wants us to be.
—Norman Shawchuck, Reuben P. Job and Robert G. Doherty How to Conduct a Spiritual Life Retreat

Jesus’ Freedom – from Henri Nouwen

Jesus was truly free. His freedom was rooted in his spiritual awareness that he was the Beloved Child of God. He knew in the depth of his being that he belonged to God before he was born, that he was sent into the world to proclaim God’s love, and that he would return to God after his mission was fulfilled. This knowledge gave him the freedom to speak and act without having to please the world and the power to respond to people’s pains with the healing love of God.

That’s why the Gospels say: “Everyone in the crowd was trying to touch him because power came out of him that cured them all” (Luke 6:19).

Imago Dei is an ecumenical network of Christian faith communities based in Vancouver, British Columbia, (http://imagodeicommunity.ca) with sister groups across Canada, as well as  in the USA and Asia. It is a ministry that has formed around principles of spiritual direction for the encouragement of a genuine experience of growth in the Christian spiritual life.

The Winnipeg Imago Dei group meets every first and third Monday of the month at the FaithWorks office. It is open to all who are drawn to the practice of contemplative prayer, scripture reading and silence and for all who may be curious about these practices in a group setting.

Mary Reimer, former pastor at FaithWorks, together with Jan Woltmann co-ordinate these evenings. The flow generally includes singing hymns from scripture, a period of silence, pondering a portion of scripture and discussion of the meditation posted in this newsletter. The evening closes with a time of Communion and prayer.

Imago Dei provides resources for the cultivation of the practice of prayer and the life of faith. It also models and encourages small fellowship groups for those who wish to pursue, in community with others, a growing communion with God in their lives.

Our ministry is

  • to encourage a deeper spirituality in the lives of Christians
  • to help recognize and welcome God’s transforming work in life
  • to encourage a growing faith towards the life God is calling us to live in this world

For more information about the national Imago Dei organization, visit http://imagodeicommunity.ca.