Ancient Streams – Advent Retreat

NOVEMBER  28, 2020
11:30am  – 6:00pm CST

“Hanging out in the Christmas Story”

The story of Jesus’ birth is a full one with many characters, many weavings in and out—a young woman and man in Galilee, an elderly priest and his wife from the elite of Judaism, astronomers from Persia, a jealous king, low class shepherds in Judean fields, a business man–an inn keeper, even animals—a donkey, sheep, (who else was in the stable? cattle? a barn cat? a servant girl?). Then there was the star… and angels… Am I forgetting anyone? Oh yes, of course, a baby, vulnerable and helpless! 

This is a rich story with depth, intrigue, love, commitment, tenderness, aching need and urgency, along with exuberant joy! What if you spent time wandering around in this story this Advent Season? What would it be like to hang out with the characters, ponder what their life looked like when all this happened, walk in their shoes, feel some of what they might have felt? I wonder what kind of unique rendition of the story we would have to tell by Christmas eve. I wonder what kind of an affect it might have on us—this year, in the midst of a pandemic. Even with all the centuries separating us, how might we find the story relevant to us today?

Join us as we explore these questions together and take some time to “hang out” in Galilee, the road to Jerusalem, Bethlehem… in a field, a palace, a cave…During our retreat we will meet together as a group for direction and prayer, followed by extended times for silence. Near the end of our day there will be an opportunity for you to share your experience with others in small groups. Paul Martinson will conclude the retreat by celebrating communion with us, which is always a unique experience.

Our retreat will be a bit different this year, as we have decided that it is best in light of the pandemic to host our retreat via Zoom. This doesn’t mean that you will be on the computer all day. As mentioned above, we will be coming together as a group, and then giving a lengthy time for personal reflection a couple of times during the day, finishing up together. We are disappointed not to meet in person and share in this special day physically present to each other, as we have in the past. However, we also recognize that this venue has some benefits as well—one being that we’ve invited Mary Reimer (spiritual director and leader of Imago Dei, Winnipeg) to join our team as we facilitate the day.  I wonder what other gifts we might receive as we create space in our own homes as a place of prayer and retreat for a day… 

Please RSVP to register and for more information or assistance with Zoom connection. We’re seeing this as an opportunity to be creative within the restrictions we are under this year, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions or concerns.  We’re looking forward to a meaningful day apart and yet together, for God promises to meet with all who seek Him. 


Date: Saturday, November 28, 2020

Time: 11:30am  – 6:00pm CST

Cost: $20.00


For more information and to RSVP e-mail Nancy Keery at